Fab Fit Fun!

How about that Fab Fit Fun… have you guys purchased their boxes before? I’ve seen Instagram and Facebook ads, and I gifted one to my sister for her birthday once. She raved about how much she loved it, though I had no idea what was in it. The seasonal boxes looked like fun, but $50 felt like a hefty price for a mystery box of things I may or may not like. I had a code for $10 off their Winter Box and a free Kate Somerville Exfolikate, I decided to give it a try. When it arrived, I put it under the tree to save and open for Christmas. My kids made fun of me for buying a gift for myself, but hey, why not? Especially since I didn’t know what was in it!

Ok, it felt like Christmas morning as I opened it. And of course, it was. But I kept pulling out things that I had been wanting!! Take a look…

Here’s what was inside:

  • a cozy gray Mark & Graham blanket
  • a Pür eye shadow palette (I have been thinking about buying a palette for so long but couldn’t commit)
  • a box of six hyaluronic acid charcoal undereye masks
  • two essential oils (sweet orange and eucalyptus) that are already mixed with carrier oils so I can just slip them in my purse to use
  • a huge bottle of Oribe dry shampoo
  • a deep conditioning treatment from Moroccan Gold
  • a large bottle of a hydration face mask from Ahava
  • an eye brightening pencil from Thrive Cosmetics
  • two body sliders for workouts

I had just looked for sliders at Dick’s Sporting Goods days before Christmas when there to buy a gift. And here they were in my box!! I had been doing the 80 Day Obsession workout (very sporadically) and was using books for sliders. They got the job done, but now I have the real thing!! Just in time to start again in the new year!

I would guess I’ll cancel before the spring box because $50… but I highly encourage the splurge on yourself at least once! Or nudge someone else to give it to you as a gift! It’s way better with $10, and I have a code here!! It only works on your first box.

What do you think?