Gobbling Turkey Craft

I’m going to share with you the very best Thanksgiving craft for kids that I have yet to come across. It is a turkey (hopefully that much is obvious) that gobbles!! We generally don’t keep kids’ junk crafts, but this guy has survived in our family for an entire year. And he is used regularly to sneak up behind people and scare them. Check it out…

I asked our third grader’s teacher if we could do it with the class, so we did yesterday. I’m a little nervous some of the parents may not be loving me as a result. This turkey is loud! And so cute.

So here’s what you need to make him:

  • A clear-ish plastic Solo cup
  • Brown tissue paper (gold will work)
  • A sponge
  • String
  • Mod Podge
  • A Paint Brush or sponge brush
  • Feathers (Michael’s is better than Amazon)
  • 1-inch (25mm) google eyes
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Red and orange paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Large needle (optional)

Gobbling Turkey Craft

The first part I did ahead of time for the kids (steps 1-5)…

  1. Using an Exacto Knife or other sharp object, cut two small holes into the base of the cup.Gobbling Turkey Craft
  2. Cut string so that it is about 3 times the height of the cup.
  3. Thread the string up through one hole and down through the other hole (this is where the needle could come in handy if you have one that will work). Kids and their small hands are helpful here… especially preteen daughters.Gobbling Turkey Craft
  4. Tie a knot inside the center of the cup, leaving as small of a tail as possible on one side.Gobbling Turkey Craft
  5. Cut a sponge into thirds. Tie it to the long end of the string, pulling the string as hard as possible as you tie the knot around the sponge to pinch the sponge a bit. Another person’s finger is super helpful here. Trust me.Gobbling Turkey Craft
  6. Now for the kids’ part… Have them tear up the tissue paper into small pieces, between 1-3 inches.
  7. Paint Mod Podge on the cup and stick the torn paper on top, doing small sections at a time.
  8. Continue until the entire cup is covered in tissue paper. Then paint a layer of Mod Podge over all the paper to seal it and make it glossy (and waterproof). You may need to help kids here. And hopefully you’re not using a tiny paint brush because that would take f o r e v e r.
  9. Use Tacky craft glue to add the google eyes.
  10. Cut a triangle out of orange paper for the nose and a gobble shape out of the red paper for the gobble. Use the craft glue to glue those onto the cup.
  11. Choose feathers and use craft clue to tack them onto the back for the tail feathers.
  12. Let the turkey dry.
  13. Dampen the sponge (not too much… wring out any excess water). Squeeze the sponge around the top of the string and pull it down the string to make the turkey gobble.Gobbling Turkey Craft

You’re welcome, and I’m sorry. Enjoy!!

[If you live local to me, I have leftover supplies from the third grade class and LOTS of feathers. Contact me if you want them!]

Many thanks to https://meaningfulmama.com/gobbling-turkey-thanksgiving-craft.html for sharing!

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